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Eyes Like Stars - Lisa Mantchev I read a lot of books but rarely do I come across something completely new and original. Eyes Like Stars is like nothing I have ever read before, it was so different, so fresh and so bizarre and to be completely honest it blew me away.

I just don’t really know how to describe this book. Its style was odd and very different most of it was written normally but some was written like a play, both styles were interesting and full of Manchev’s unique and bizarre prose. It is a story full of wonder, full of magic and it completely captured my imagination. Reading it was like visiting a different world full of bright characters we all know and love from other works and seeing them in a way we never had before.

The big personalities in this book is what made it work so well, and there was not one person I didn’t like or held no personality of appeal. Bertie is a lovable lead whose innocent naivety and fiery nature was impossible to dislike. The two boys she found herself between were equally likeable. Nate is a handsome and rugged pirate, who could shiver me timbers any day of the week. He was lovable and loyal and I guess represents the good boy. Ariel is the bad boy (although not really) I think my heart lies with him, there was just something about him I loved.

But by far the best character were Cobweb, Moth, Mustard Seed and Peaseblosom, the mischievous fairies. They were sweet, silly and made me laugh until I cried. All the other characters were brilliant like the broody, tortured artist Hamlet who also made me giggle.

Despite how much I loved and adored Eyes Like Stars I cannot give it 5 stars. There are times were Mantchev gets a little carried away and the writing become frantic and hard to follow. I had to re-read several pages in order to understand what was going on and even then I wasn’t 100% sure.

Apart from that I thought this book was perfection. I loved the idea, it was bold and creative. I loved the characters, it made me laugh, It touched me and it transported me to a place full of mystery and magic. I adored this and I highly recommend it.