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The Darkest Day - Britt Bury 4.5 stars

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Oh yes, Britt Bury, yes!

This is exactly what I have been looking for. I have massive love for PNR (Paranormal romance) but nothing has really captured me since the early Black Dagger Brotherhood books. Well finally something has. I just loved this book. It had everything; action, drama, humour and romance. It was just great.

Ok, so what made this book so great? I will start with the idea. I think Britt Bury is incredibly smart because she has taken the top three (or there about) romance sub-genres and somehow mixed them together. This is a Highland novel, it is set in Scotland. Our hero, Kelvin, is a Scottish clan warrior…but he is also something else. Kelvin is a paranormal being, closely related to shape shifters (although his species doesn’t actually shift). This novel might look and feel like a Highland novel but it is set in the modern world. So it is a highland, PNR, urban fantasy novel…but wait, there’s more (stick with me here.) This modern world has no humans (almost) they all died out. The world is full of paranormal beings but things are still somewhat derelict. So to conclude The Darkest Day is a highland, PNR, Urban Fantasy, Dystopian novel. Sounds a bit too much doesn’t it? Except for the fact that it works perfectly. Bury has written this book so well that the joining of so many genres doesn’t distract from but enhances the reading experience. This book is written in a way that is also utterly entrancing. I struggled to put this book down. It was engaging from beginning to end. The prologue set the tone immediately and that atmosphere and intensity stayed with the book the whole way through.

Let’s move on to the characters. Essentially there are only two characters in this book. There are others who pop their heads in (I think/hope this was more for the next books in the series) but there are only two people who really matter in this book, Kelvin and Izel.

Izel is a great female lead. She is funny, smart, sassy and just all round awesome. I didn’t once find her irritating or weak. She was not kick-ass or unemotional but she was no doormat either. Kelvin (honestly if you could see what this guy looked like in my head you would faint) is just devastating. If I met him I wouldn’t stand a chance. He is strong, hard and tough. He has responsibilities and obligations. He at times probably comes across as a little scary. He is rash, stubborn and infuriating. But behind all the brutishness he is loving, gentle and fairly emotional. When he loves he does it with all of his heart and he would do anything to protect that person. Like Izel he was not once annoying.

The romance between Izel and Kelvin was just amazing. I loved the growth of their relationship, from enemies, to annoyances, to lust then finally to love. Sure, there are some bumps along the way but it was not done just for the sake of drama. Most of the humour in this book came from the banter between them. In the beginning the sparred verbally back and worth which gave the book a light-hearted feel but slowly that turned to something darker. The tension and chemistry between them poured off of every page, it was fidget inducing brilliant. It oozed from the characters and created bucket loads of sexual tension.

The Darkest Day proves that there is still some imagination in the romance genre. It is by far the best PNR I have read in a while and I strongly recommend it. I cannot wait for the next book in the series.