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The Better To See You - Kate SeRine The Better To See You is book two of the Transplanted Tales, I have not read the first book but didn’t need to in order to understand and fall in love with this book.

The Better To See You was so much fun, I really enjoyed it. it was well written and the storyline was interesting and exciting. It was also funny and sweet with some great characters that I found myself caring about.

I really like Lavender, she is spirited and stubborn. She has a rough past and has not always been the best person but she wants to make up for her past mistakes. She is funny and fiery and everything I like to see in a female lead character. She did fall in love with Seth a little quickly but to be frank I can’t really blame her because Seth was devastating.

Seth was just amazing, he was my perfect leading man. He was surly and miserable but had a huge sense of honour. He could be a little broody but when he loves someone he loves them hard and would do anything to protect them. The romance was all consuming, it was a ‘I’d die for you romance’ that made my stomach clench and got me a little swoony. I do not always like these types of romance and dependency but this time it really worked and I was a fan. They were passionate in and out of the sheets and their bickering added a lot of humour.

The Better To See You is a fun and enjoyable read with characters you can’t help but love. I cannot wait to read more from this author and from this series.