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Skin Deep (I-Team, #5.5) - Pamela Clare For this review and others visit my blog

There is something about a scarred and broken hero; I fall for them all the time. (See Z in BDB, V in V for Vendetta and The Phantom in Phantom of the Opera for examples of scarred and broken men who own me.) Add in the fact that the male character in this book is not only scarred but ex-military AND a cowboy and well, I never stood a chance. I was in love with Nate before I even read the first page of this book and luckily he didn’t disappoint me.

I really liked this story. It was short, sweet and had all the elements needed for a good book. I loved the story line even though I have seen similar stuff before. What is different with Skin Deep is the way the characters handle the situation they are in. There is no unneeded angst or drama. Megan isn’t some self-pitying, dramatic victim that we are all used to reading about. Nate is not some over protective borderline abusive Neanderthal. In Skin Deep the characters act like actual human beings, which was really refreshing.

All the characters are likeable in this book apart from the bad guys who are just awful. They were all well-rounded and believable. The author has also managed to write a child character that is not teeth grittingly annoying, instead she is cute.

I loved the romance in this book. It was not about sex; instead it was about two people learning to trust again, it was about rebuilding your life after losing everything. I liked Megan and Nate apart but I loved them together.

I have read a lot (and I mean A LOT) of western/rancher romance this year and so far Skin Deep is by far my favourite. I look forward to reading more from this series and more from this author.