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The Lass Wore Black - Karen Ranney I expected The Lass Wore Black to be like most other historical romances of this era, but I was pleasantly surprised when it started to do things a little bit differently. This was more than just a romance and after a little bit of a rocky start I found myself enjoying this.

What set The Lass Wore Black apart were its characters. They were very far from perfect and had multiply flaws. They were not necessarily likable but they were human.

Catriona used to be a beauty, she prided herself on her looks and loved the way she could seduce and influence men. She becomes horrifically disfigured after a carriage accident and losses her looks and the powers that came with them. This book explores her recovery and how she finds a different, kinder side of herself once she lost her vanity. Catriona is not always easy to like, at times she is selfish and stubborn, but I could not help but admire her. She handles herself well after the accident, considering the damage that has been done. She rarely self-pities or complains even though she is in a lot of pain. When she wanted to she was capable of great kindness and I ended up really liking her.

Mark is another great character, unlike Catriona he is selfless and lives to help others. He is smart and kind but his actions were not always agreeable. He deserves Catriona (for good reason) but takes it too far. He is not always clean cut, not always the angel he is painted to be but his heart is in the right place.

The Storyline and pacing were great, it never felt rushed and I was never bored. I thought the sex scenes were a little dull but found the romance sweet. Over all I thought this was a charming and at times dark historical romance that dared to be a little different.