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At the end of last year I read a short prequel to Crazy Thing Called Love and I was really impressed with it. I loved the characters, Maddy and Billy, and the sweet romance they shared. I was shocked when after starting this I realised that everything had gone wrong. Billy, whom I had previously adored, had changed completely into a fame hungry and violent hockey player. He had let fame get to his head and rather horribly thrown his marriage to Maddy away. I was so upset by that because she had given up everything to be with him, and went against her parents’ wishes when she married him and he so easily ruined it. 14 years later after a divorce they come back into each other’s lives and find that they are completely different people.

I did really enjoy this book, it was well written, managed to keep me interested and was very entertaining but I did have some problems.

Maddy was so cold and detached for around 90% of the novel. I hated the person Billy had pushed her to become and I struggled to connect with her at all. He had utterly broken her heart and she never really recovered. Billy was a lot more likeable mainly because he is charming but he is also deeply flawed. His anger issues on and off the ice are not attractive and his treatment of Maddy earlier in their relationship never completely left my mind. He does change when his druggie sisters children get involved and I know that behind the tough exterior there is a really nice guy but we do not see him very often.

My main issue was that all the good stuff had been left out. Between the last chapter and epilogue so much happened including the real start of the romance (which throughout the book felt rather cold due to the hostility between them), the fixing and evolving of their careers and the involvement and healing of Billy’s family. The epilogue proved that together Billy and Maddy evolve and change into better and more loving people but we didn’t get to see that change.

I would have loved to have read more of that stuff and less of the drama that came before it.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for and honest review