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There are three things I really like, romance, sci-fi and Christmas. So when I heard Carina Press was releasing an anthology encompassing all of these things I knew I had to read it. A Galactic Holiday comprised of: How the Glitch Saved Christmas by Stacy Gail, Galileo’s Holiday by Sasha Summers and Winter Fusion by Anna Hackett.

I really enjoyed How the Glitch Saved Christmas, I loved the futuristic world it was set in and thought the storyline and characters were very good. It was a cute story and I found a part at the end to be quite touching. I enjoyed the romance; I do love a good enemy to lover story line so this was good for me.

The same cannot be said for Galileo’s Holiday which was by far the worse story out of the three for me. I thought it was quite boring in parts, lacked chemistry and flow. I couldn’t really bring myself to care about what happened. I did however like the idea of the story and felt that some of the use of technology was good.

Bringing up the rear is Winter Fusion which is another hate to love romance. Again I thought this story was really good. I really liked the characters in this one and the storyline was my favourite of the bunch. The only thing that bugged me was that sometimes the characters underreacted to things going on around them, for example there is an explosion and nobody seems to care about that or the fact that they almost lost their lives.

This is the third holiday anthology I have read so far this year (there are bound to be more) and it is my favourite so far. I really quite enjoyed it.