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I honestly cannot tell you how disappointed I am right now. Eve and Adam was one of the books I was most looking forward to for the whole year. It sounded awesome, and the authors are awesome and the cover is just gorgeous. When I finally got round to reading it I was giddy with excitement, sure I was on to a winner…but in the end all that expectation and excitement died, I just did not like this book at all.

Firstly I found it completely unrealistic. Eve is involved is a horrific car accident and loses a leg, some ribs and practically an arm. Her body endures a 14 hour surgery to try and fix her and somehow the day after she is awake and thinking about boys. One of the issues I had is that throughout the book she does not seem bothered about what happened to her at all. If I was Eve I would be freaking out all the time, I would be worried about my heath and recovery.

Another issue was that the story just didn’t engage me. It wasn’t gripping or interesting enough for me. I thought there was a lot that needed to be discussed that wasn’t. We are given the information but that is all it is. I wanted more story.

Then there are the characters. There is not much to Eve she is the definition of a ‘meh’ character and I found her weak. Adam is no better, he reminded me of the creation from Rocky Horror, but not in a cool or good way. He is a beautiful creation and not much else. By far the worse character is Solo his introduction into the book made me dislike him instantly. He thinks the critically injured and near death Eve is checking him out, so it’s ok to return the favour, right? He is big headed and I could find nothing to like about him.

There were also some bits that I felt were not needed like slut-shaming mothers and perverted doctors who even though they are old and in their profession should know better, go around saying stuff like, ‘tapping that little piece,’ referring to teenage girls.

All in all I didn’t like this at all; it was a huge disappointment for me. Eve and Adam is a good idea and it is well written but unfortunately nothing else impressed me.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review