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MILA 2.0 - Debra Driza This was a book of two halves for me. I didn’t like the first half at all but the second half was amazing.

I had a lot of expectations going into this and to start with I was massively disappointed. The storyline was good, the writing was good but Mila wasn’t. At first I couldn’t stand her, she spent the first half of the book slamming doors, sneaking off when she had been told not to because it was too dangerous for everyone including herself, or thinking about a boy she had literally just met. Mila came across as stroppy and selfish and I very nearly put the book down and gave up on it. Thankfully I carried on because at the half way point this book burst into life.

The second half was full of amazing action; there were fights, car chases and daring escapes. It gave this book the boost it needed and from there it didn’t look back. Mila began to change as she adapted to and embraced her android self. She gained perspective, patience and stopped being so petulant. I felt that she was more human towards the end of the book then she was at the beginning and she went from being someone I hated to someone I quite liked and respected.

I would have liked some more information in some parts. I wanted to know more about Nicole, Lucas and the military organization behind the Mila project. I hope that more light will be shed on this in the upcoming books because I am very intrigued.

It is a shame that this book was so uneven. For me the first half was a two and the second a four, a three star rating feels a little low but I cannot dismiss the first half of the book.

Despite my issues with Mila 2.0 I would still recommend it. The second half is worth it and there is huge potential going ahead.