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Madly (Madly, #1) - M. Leighton For this review and more visit my blog

There is nothing more disappointing than reading a book that you are sure you are going to love, but ending up really disliking it. I had no real reason to think that this book would be bad. It is about mermaids (which I happen to quite like), it focuses on a forbidden romance, (which being the moron that I am happens to get under my skin every time) and it has an extremely high rating on Goodreads. It seems as though everyone loves this book…everyone but me.

I will start with a positive. The book’s cover is simply gorgeous, I love it. If I could rate this book on its cover alone it would get a 5 star rating from me. But judging a book by its cover is wrong, as we all know.

So why did I dislike this book so much? Well, firstly it is brutally unrealistic. Here are some examples: The main characters find the dead body of someone they know and care for. Five minutes later they are laughing and talking about going to the beach, also one of them is ogling the ‘typical YA’ hot guy. Because you know, who cares that this person is dead, that dude is hot!
There are other things too. Madly (who I will get to in a minute) is a princess who has to save the world…but she still has time for, and people still expect her to go to school. Obviously education is more important than saving the world from imminent danger.

Another reason I didn’t like this book is the characters. I didn’t like them. They could have walked out of any other YA PNR book. You have Madly, the perfect one. Jersey, the bubbly and hyperactive best friend. Aiden, the boy next door who is a bit of a wimp, he should be the one the perfect girl should fall for if it wasn’t for Jackson, the ‘hotter than hell’ broody, moody and quite frankly miserable one.

Madly is the one I had a real problem with. I thought she was terrible and completely dislikeable. She acts like a spoilt brat and when she is not doing that she tends to be fainting, and if she is not being a spoilt brat or fainting she is wondering why Jackson sets off fireworks, butterflies, shivers and any other physical reaction she can have when he touches her and Aiden doesn’t.

Also, despite Jackson practically telling her (it really is that obvious to everyone) that he is into her she spends a lot of time asking herself the following questions: why is he looking at me like that? Why doesn’t he like me? Why is he acting this way? She is completely oblivious.
I guess it is safe to say I will not be carrying on with this series. On paper everything looked great but in reality I was totally disappointed. I would not recommend this book. However, I seem to be the only one who wouldn’t so maybe you shouldn’t listen to me and try it for yourselves.