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Princesses Don't Get Fat - Aya Ling Princesses Don’t Get Fat is a short and sweet novella that I found quite entertaining. There were a lot of things I liked and a few things I didn’t, but for the most part I enjoyed it.

Firstly, I liked the way this was written it was fun and humorous with likeable characters. The setting was awesome and easy to envision and it was also a little tongue n cheek which I enjoyed.

Valeria is a great character, she is easy going, fun and not afraid to be herself. I applauded Ling for having a plus sized main character and for not skinning her down so that the romance would work.

The issue here was that I had to agree with the characters in the book who was concerned for Valeria. In my opinion her relationship with food was an unhealthy one. All of the concern was what Valeria looked like and not the state of her health and I would have liked to have seen all this addressed in some way.

I am not saying that she had to be stick thin but eating five slices of fruit tart for breakfast alone and then the same amount at lunch, dinner and multiple tea times was excessive. The way that Valeria is described and the way she eats she will be lucky to reach her mid-thirties.

Positive messages concerning food works both ways and eating too much is as dangerous for your health as eating too little. Nothing about Valeria’s health was mentioned which was a shame.

My only other complaint was that the romance was not really that romantic. They liked each other but I was not exactly sure then fancied each other and was even less sure of they were in love. But they were perfectly happy with one another so I am not going to complain too much about it.

All in all Princesses Don’t Get Fat was a cute, quick and entertaining read. I look forward to seeing what Aya Ling writes next.