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I really quite liked the blurb for We Are Gathered but to be honest this book was a little all over the place and I didn’t really like it much.

The first issue was that the storyline didn’t really make much sense. Tristan kidnaps Rori and takes her to his coven in order to recruit her. When she gets to the coven and meets the boss man nothing happens, she isn’t recruited, it isn’t even talked about and Tristan just randomly bites her for no reason what so ever. that was the big issue with this it sets up a story and then doesn’t tell it and there was just so much stuff that wasn’t expanded upon or explained.

The writing was ok but I found the use of full stops to be a little over the board. They were littered all over the page and it made the read quite uncomfortable in the beginning.

The characters varied, I found Rori very annoying she just didn’t react to anything that went on around her. Not the kidnapping, not the biting, not anything. I really didn’t like or understand her annoying flat mates either, I have no idea where they came from or what they were doing, they added nothing but confusion to the story. However, Tristan was nice, he was likable. There was an innocent sweetness to him which I really enjoyed and found endearing.

Unfortunately Tristan was the only thing I liked in this book, the rest just didn’t work for me.