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Femme Fatale was an odd book. It had a lot of problems and there were times where it really annoyed me but it was not the worse romance I have read.

Blake is in the military and is in more than a little bit of trouble. Some Russians are after him for something he did on his last mission and he needs somewhere to lay low. So he gets a job as a military consultant on a block buster Hollywood movie set. There he meets Olivia an up and coming movie star that the press love to follow and even though he knows he should stay away from her he can’t.

The first problem with the book is right there in the description. Blake needs to go into hiding so he works on a movie set where there are a ton of journalists and press around. Clearly that is a bad idea, the storyline just wasn’t believable and the more it went on the more silly it got.

I had two other big issues with this one the first was Olivia who is obsessed with her image and reputation. I understand that is probably a reality of being a movie star but Olivia seems to think that in order to have a good reputation and be successful she has to be ‘slutty’. I have no idea why she thinks this or why anyone would push a young woman into making herself feel like that.

My other issue was that there was Olivia’s male co-star attacked Blake with a knife, then on set during shooting in front of many people he slapped her and attempted to rape her. The police are not called even though it is all on tape and he is essentially allowed to get away with it. I can forgive a lot in my books and I think I am very tolerable but that is a step to far for me. He needed to be punished by the law for what he had done, instead he remained a super star that everyone fawned over.

Blake and Olivia are alright characters. I liked them enough but didn’t love them the romance was a little heavy. They fell in love straight away and the sex scenes were completely unbelievable. Olivia has never had an orgasm in her life and the first time she has sex with Blake she has about 5 of them through penetration only.

Femme Fatale is a quick and readable book but there are a ton of problems and in the end this book left me feeling rather cold.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review