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I loved the blurb for A Little Night Mischief and couldn’t wait to get stuck in, but it was not quite what I expected and I didn’t really like it.

Felicity is devastated when she learns her Uncle lost their family home whilst gambling. Forced to move out with little money Felicity and her family are starting to struggle. When she meets the new owner James she hopes she can appeal to his moral side and get him to give up his winnings but James has secrets of his own and refuses. She decides that she must do anything and everything in her power to chase him off and regain what is hers.

A Little Night Mischief started well. I enjoyed the story in the beginning and thought it was sweet and nicely written but it soon started to go downhill. I hate books that make the reader work unnecessarily hard for information. Felicity is constantly mentioning that she has taken a vow to never get married, this fact is repeatedly drilled into the readers brain but you are not told why she has taken this vow (even though it was extremely easy to work out.) Why the mystery? Why keep mentioning it? It would have made a lot more sense to just explain early on why Felicity didn’t want to marry and then use that knowledge to further the character instead of every couple of pages being dramatically reminded that Felicity was staying away from men and flirting and marriage.

The characters were also a problem. Felicity was childish and unlikeable. I understood her view point and even enjoyed some of the mischief she got up to but I didn’t like her as a person. I think some of her efforts to get rid of him were a bit ridiculous; pretending to be a ghost is one of them. She wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed throughout a lot of this novel and lost her conviction fairly early on.

James was ok at first he seemed genuine and nice but he got worse. I understood his situation was bad but I felt like he didn’t really care that he was going to toss a young woman and her father out of their home. He lies to Felicity, hides the fact that he was planning to sell her home and seduces her. He was also fairly oblivious to Felicity’s feelings. The romance was ok, it was sweet at times but quite predictable. There was a silly sex scene that was funny but ruined the mood of the romance.

I wanted to like this one but it was not for me at all.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review