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Parallel - Lauren   Miller

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So far a majority of the reviews for Parallel have been overwhelmingly positive and I can understand why a lot of readers really enjoyed it but for me there was just something missing. Parallel gets off to a brilliant start and I was really impressed with the first third but after that I felt Parallel lost its edge and I began to lose interest.

Parallel deals with the (lately) popular idea of parallel universes, it is something I have read about before but I thought Miller did a really job with her portrayal. I liked her ideas and I liked the way they were explained. The first third was a science nerds dream and I was impressed but the more the book went on the more it turned into a romantic teen drama and less of a science fiction.

Despite my issues with the storyline I thought Lauren Miller’s writing was very strong. It flowed really well and her world building was great.

I quite liked the main character Abby in the beginning, she was smart and funny but as the story went on I found myself liking her less. She could be a little too pushy and was at times a bit of a control freak. Yet every time she did something to annoy me she did something awkwardly sweet that made me laugh so I found it hard to really dislike her

The romance falls into the love triangle territory. I thought the triangle was handled well and I liked the idea behind it but neither of the boys involved really appealed to me so I couldn’t invest in the relationships.

There were several aspects of this book I liked but on the whole it wasn’t really for me. I look forward to reading more from Lauren Miller because I found her writing impressive.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review