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'Til The World Ends: Dawn of EdenThistle & ThorneSun Storm (Luna Books) - 'Julie Kagawa',  'Ann Aguirre',  'Karen Duvall' For this review and more my blog

Before I tell you what I thought of this book it is worth pointing out that although this book features stories from YA series, this is in fact quite an adult. There is violence and also sexual content, even in Dawn of Eden by Julie Kagawa. So, if you are young or are thinking of getting this book for a younger Blood of Eden (Immortal Rules) fan then is aware that it might not be suitable.

Til the World Ends is a really hard book to rate. If I was giving just Dawn of Eden a rating then it would be a five star but the other two stories in this anthology are nowhere near as good.

Dawn of Eden by Julie Kagawa had me hooked from beginning to end. The Immortal Rules is one of my favourite YA books of all time so I couldn’t wait to get my teeth stuck into this. It did not disappoint at all, the storyline was great, and it was touching, exciting and scary. The action scenes were amazing and the romance to die for. Plus there was a little cameo from Kanin aka the love of my life.

Thistle and Thorne by Ann Aguirre was alright. I just couldn’t quite get into this and because of that I found it a little confusing. The romance didn’t grab me either. I thought the idea was good but the world building and other factors needed some working on.

Sun Storm by Karen Duvall was like Thistle and Thorne in that I couldn’t get into it. I also didn’t really like the characters in this one, they were a little but silly and their romance wasn’t much better.

I wonder If maybe I would have enjoyed these stories if I hadn’t read Dawn of Eden first, maybe it ruined me for the other stories in this anthology. This book is definitely worth the read for Dawn of Eden if nothing else.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review