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Freefall suffered from a slightly unbelievable storyline but it was action packed adrenaline fun that I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would. The fast pace and heart pumping action kept me well entertained and I struggled to put it down.

As I mentioned there were parts of this that were a little unbelievable, especially towards the end. It reminded me very much of an action movie, you go to see them not for the dramatic and believable storyline but for the fights and explosions. It is the same for this book, if the reader goes in looking for a sweet contemporary romance they will be disappointed. But if the reader is looked for something a little more fast paced and fun this will not let them down.

I was a little worried about reading this when I realised there would be a fair amount of water based activity in it. I am a watersports instructor and am terrible when reading a book or watching a movie with watersports in it because it almost never is right. For the most part Jill Sorensen handled that aspect of the book well, there were a few little things but it wasn’t enough to really distract me from the book.

There are four points of views throughout the book. Hope and Sam’s (the main characters) and Hope’s sister Faith and bad guy Jay. At times this works and at times it doesn’t. Hope and Sam are pretty strong throughout but Faith and Jay is where it sometimes wobbles. Romance wise Faith and Jay are a lot more interesting than Hope and Sam. At first I thought it was a bit ridiculous that Faith got involved with this guy. One minute she was attracted to him, then she was scared of him, then she was sleeping with him but as time went on I think it was the more genuine of the two romances. What made it interesting (and the reason why it won’t work for everyone) is that Jay or Javier is one of the bad guys. He is part of a drug cartel looking for a way out and whilst trying to get out he murders someone. (This is not a spoiler as this becomes apparent right at the beginning or the book) Sure that someone would have ratted on him to his boss but it was still murder. Yet he is very caring and loving towards Faith and it is hard to imagine him as a killer and criminal. I guess it is down to the individual reader to decide if they can support him and the romance or not.

Hope and Sam’s story was a lot more drama driven with a lot more action. Things were hard between them for a long time. Months ago they had met in a bar and slept together, after Sam had very impolitely kicked Hope out and she (understandably) did not take it well. He is getting over his fiancé who died in a climbing accident and Hope has ghosts of her own that made things even more difficult between them. I liked Sam but did struggle at times with Hope. When she finds out her sister is in danger she goes a little mad and puts herself and everyone around her in danger without thinking. She doesn’t even seem to care all that much and even at the end I got the feeling she never really thanked Sam for everything he had done to help her despite the considerable risk to himself.

If you are looking for something believable and gentle than Freefall is probably not for you but if you don’t mind a fast paced and some at times dicey plot twists than this is an enjoyable read that I recommend.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review