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I had heard a lot about Bad Mouth before I read it. I heard the main character was dirty, swore all the time and was about the sexiest thing to walk the planet. In my head I expected this to be dark and I expected him to be devastating. In the end it was all a little tamer than I thought it would be, it takes more than a few f bombs to make me think your mouth is bad but I still really enjoyed this one and I think it is a strong start to a new series.

There are a lot of vamp books out there right now and Bad Mouth doesn’t really do anything brand new in the genre but I did like the politics and world here. It is quite dark and there is a constant tone of upcoming danger. War between humans and vampires is a real possibility and there was a lot of tension throughout.

Pace was a slight issue. I thought this started really strongly but did lose its way a little in the middle. It was nothing major but it lost a little of its shine as it went on.

The characters were decent. I liked Valerie she was strong and feisty but maybe could have fought her attraction to Kade a little bit more. She was brave and not scared to walk into situations where she knew she was in danger but she was also not stupid and knew when to pull back and protect herself.

Kade was delicious and very hard to dislike. I would have liked him to be a little more bad mouthed but I liked that he wasn’t sweet and charming. He did swear, he did kill and he was not always the good guy which was a nice change.

The romance was nice and I especially liked the build-up. It is not an easy ride as Kade hates humans and Val hates Vampires but their attraction and chemistry is undeniable. I liked that they made each other challenge their views and change. I did think that the chemistry slipped a little when they finally got together but overall the romance was strong throughout.

I did have some problems with Bad Mouth but for the most part I really liked it and can’t wait to see what comes next.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review