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Your Room or Mine is a sweet little novella that I enjoyed but it was too short for me to really fall in love with it.

For the most part Your Room or Mine was a fun and flirty read about two people with some great chemistry. It was sweet, sexy and often managed to make me laugh. It is not the most original book in the world and if you are a romance reader then you are bound to have come across something like this before but it is short and sweet enough to give it a chance.

The writing was okay but there were a few moments where I though the author repeated things a bit and there were a couple of mistakes. I read an advanced copy so it is completely possible that these little issues didn’t make their way into the finished copy so I wouldn’t let it put you off.

Characters were a little bit of a problem. At first I didn’t like Oliver that much, he seemed a little selfish. He knows that Izzy has recently been hurt by her ex but he treats their relationship like a game which I found unfair. It was his pride that was an issue more than anything else. He just couldn’t understand how she could walk away from him after their one night stand so started a sexual relationship in part so he could be the one to walk away the next time. Despite this he does grow on you, he is the one with the more transparent feelings and in the end I quite liked him.

Izzy was the opposite of Oliver, I liked her in the beginning but not as much at the end. I really felt for what she was going through and understood her need to just cut loose for a little while. It was nice to have a leading lady who was not particularly feminine or high maintenance. My issue was her reaction towards the end. She just jumps to conclusions instead of having a conversation with Oliver. He is trying to talk to her and she just snaps at him and storms off.

I liked the romance and thought there was loads of chemistry between the characters. I did think the sudden use of the work ‘love’ at the end was far too quick and out of place but I enjoyed the rest of it. Your Room or Mine is a nice romantic novella which does nothing new but is enjoyable.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review