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Bite Me was an enjoyable and short read but there were some issues with it that I couldn’t ignore. I really liked the idea of a zombie/werewolf book and this definitely took me on a new and exciting journey.

There were however some discrepancies. Firstly I was a little confused with the setting here. The book is set in London but the characters seemed to sometimes slip into an almost Irish dialect. That would have been fine as the characters could have been from somewhere else but London but they also used quite a few Americanisms. Some of the slang didn’t quite make sense either so it was a little confusing.

There were some other issues as well. There were a few times where the author seemed to forget something she had written. For example, in one scene Seth tells Maisie that she has his mobile number to call him if something happens. In a scene a few pages later Maisie is being attacked and wishes she had thought to ask Seth for his mobile number because she needs help. My copy of this book is an advanced readers copy so some of these things might be fixed in the finished copy.

There were some great things about this book as well. I really liked the characters Maisie was feisty and funny. I liked that she was independent and caring. I also loved that she had a disability. Disability is not something that is addressed very often in romance literature and it really should be. Seth was awesome, he was angry and broody and sexy. I cannot blame Maisie for practically climbing him like a tree because he was devastating.

I also really liked the chemistry between the characters and the great banter. There were some spooky moments, funny moments and exciting moments.

It is real shame that there were some discrepancies here and that it was so short because this had some real potential. I look forward to reading what comes next in this series and from this author.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review