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Cake - Lauren Dane

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Cake is the first Lauren Dane and the first in Cosmo Hot Reads new Harlequin line I have read. For the most part I really enjoyed it, there were some great things about it and a few little niggles but in the end I really liked this sweet novella.

This novella is short, sweet and funny and had some great chemistry and dialogue between the characters. The writing was spot on and the characters dynamic and interesting. It is nothing really very original but the approach was different and there were some things here you wouldn’t expect to see in a normal romance.

The characters were really strong. Gregori was gorgeous and charismatic. He is exactly what you would think of when picturing ‘tortured artist’. Yet behind all the angst and tattoos there is a sweet and genuine guy who is a little more shy and vulnerable then he would care to admit.

Grogori was great but really this book belonged to Wren. I really wish there were more female characters like Wren out there. She had a lot of feelings for Gregori but she wasn’t about to lose her mind or her pride because of him. She goes after him in an adult and sensible manner. It is not about tears or hissy fits. She lets him know that she wants him, that she is prepared to fight for him but that she will also walk away if he doesn’t want or cannot do the same. She won’t be played or disregarded and although walking away would hurt she will do it if she has to. I loved her she was refreshing and such a change from the norm. The romance was sizzling and full of chemistry. I really liked these two together and all their interactions (in and out of the bedroom) were great.

Despite all the positive things about this book for some reason it left me cold and I don’t really know why. I would still recommend this and will be reading more from Lauren Dane and Cosmo hot reads in the future.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review