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Play Me (Take a Chance, #3) - Diane Alberts

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Reading this book was a tough choice to make. To be honest I have not liked any of the previous books in this series. However, Diane Alberts has written some books that I truly adore and I hate to give up on one of her stories without giving it a go. Play Me was not one of the books of hers that I adored and I had some major issues with it but it was the best book of the Take a Chance series yet.

Generally speaking Play Me was quite good. I liked the storyline it was sweet and fairly realistic. The pace was really nice and the story flowed well. The writing was really good as I expect from Alberts and I cannot pick holes in her world building.

My issue with this book is Kiersten. I think I actually hated her, I wrote three pages of notes about this 120 novella and nearly every bullet point is about her. From beginning to end she irritated me and I could find nothing at all to like about her. I thought she was selfish for the way she used her best friend, Garrett, throughout the whole book. She knew he had deep feelings for her yet slept with him for revenge. Then when she gets pregnant and he essentially gives up his life to be there for her she does everything within her power to make him feel bad. E.g she completely flies off the handle when he doesn’t answer his phone even though she knows he is playing basketball with her brother.

She also spent most the time feeling really sorry for herself. She had a bad relationship where her fiancé cheated on her and uses it as an excuse to trust no one and belittle other people’s relationships. She also spends a lot of time mopping about her behaviour and how awful she is.

What makes everything worse is the fact that Garrett is amazing. He is loving, generous, caring, brave, honest and adorable. There was nothing to dislike about him and Kierstens constant bad behaviour towards him broke my heart. He was such a good and decent guy and to be honest she really didn’t deserve him at all.

This book was almost amazing and I wanted to love it but Kiersten just ruined it for me which was a real shame.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review