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Italian Affair - Annie Seaton

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Italian Affair was a romance that delivered on sweetness but lacked a good dose of reality. Despite its cuteness the plot line of Italian Affair is unlikely to ever happen but that was fine, these types of romance are not supposed to be the most realistic of stories anyway and I still really enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed the setting of this book. Annie Seaton bought this tiny Italian island to life for me and I thought the world building and descriptions were strong. There were loads of lovely little details that really added to the general feel of the book.

The characters were strong and lived well within the slightly unbelievable plot. Tomas could be a little brash and cold in the beginning but he quickly warmed up as this story got underway. I thought he was very thoughtful and extremely kind. It was what he was prepared to go through for an almost stranger that made this book unbelievable. It is sad that it is a characters kindness that makes a book seem not all that real but there are not many people in this world who would marry a stranger as a favour and expect barely anything in return.

Brianna started strongly and often reminded me of myself. She was loud, clumsy and completely disorganized which mirrors myself quite a bit so instantly I identified with her. I thought I would prefer her over Tomas but her actions towards the end really angered me and I wanted to smack her. After everything Tomas had done for her she could just walk away with no explanation or warning.

The big downside to this book was the ending. Italian Affair has one of the most rushed endings I have ever read. One page Brianna is in Scotland looking up divorce lawyers the next she is back in Italy declaring her love for Tomas. I didn’t really understand why she had the sudden change of heart and it wasn’t explained for to the reader at all. I couldn’t really believe that it just picked up speed so suddenly.

Despite the ending I really enjoyed Italian Affair it was short and sweet. It is not going to blow anyone away but if you are looking to bring a little summer into a rainy autumn day you could do worse than this.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review