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Accidental Cowgirl: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance - Maggie McGinnis

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I really wanted to like Accidental Cowgirl it sounded just my kind of thing. It started well and I thought I was onto a winner but then things started to rapidly decline and in the end it was a struggle to finish it.

Accidental Cowgirl started as a sweet romance between and man and a woman who were carrying around a whole world of hurt. There was more baggage between them then a luggage pick up at Heathrow and I was looking forward to reading about them working through their problems and coming together. But instead of being a nice romance this took a turn for the bizarre and ended up being so over the top and unbelievable that I lost any interest I had in it.

It just all seemed to go crazy. There is an insane ex-girlfriend who won’t leave Decker alone, tells everyone in the town that they are getting marries, threatens Kyla and even has wedding invitations printed out. There is a ranch resort that sends guests who have never been out of the city before into the wilderness on their own when there are bears around. The Kyla gets thrown off a horse, breaks her leg, a few days later she is driving and about an hour after that running into a burning building to save a horse. Add in all the baggage and the most inconsiderate and annoying best friends in the world and it was all too much! I just couldn’t deal with all the stuff going down.

The characters were ok but both Kyla and Decker seemed incapable of communicating with each other. I wanted them to talk more but instead there was crossed wires and miscommunication. I would have liked Kyla to stand up for herself a little more especially where her two friends were concerned. She has been through a coma, has to have physiotherapy because of a badly injured leg, lost her grandparents, lost her job, been through a massive court case where she was on trial and they take her to a ranch where she is expected to ride horses despite her leg and her fear of horses. She wants a relaxing spa holiday they don’t listen. I also felt that they were constantly patronising her and one of them could not complete a sentence without calling someone ‘sweetie’ it drove me made, every time she said it which was constantly I got angrier and angrier.

Decker was easier to handle but I felt like he wallowed in self-pity a little too much. He didn’t seem sure of what he wanted or what he was doing. The romance was ok but I didn’t feel all that much chemistry probably due to everything else that was going on at the time. There was mention of the sexy stuff but it was a fade to black which is fine but is worth mentioning due to some readers dislike of the fade to black. The ending was rushed and everything seemed sorted extremely quickly.

At the end of the day Accidental Cowgirl was not for me. I am sure other romance fans will really enjoy it but I wasn’t one of them.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review