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Warrior of the Nile - Veronica  Scott

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Warrior of the Nile is the first Egyptian romance I have read. I was quite excited to get stuck into this because I have always had a love affair with Egypt. I find the history and mythology fascinating so it was about time that I got reading some Egyptian romantic fiction. Warrior of the Nile was entertaining enough but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for, the idea was interesting and I loved many aspects of the plot but there was something missing for me.

My copy of this book was an advanced reader’s copy which sometimes makes it hard when judging the execution of a book because ARCS are often uncorrected. None the less I can only judge a book on what is in front of me and unfortunately Warrior of the Nile had quite a few mistakes. Most noticeable was the way it kept swapping from first person to third. I do not know if this was because the author unconsciously kept changing from one to the other, or if the parts in first were supposed to be thoughts that were unpunctuated. Either way it was a massive distraction and kept pulling me out of the book.

The story itself was really interesting and I liked the idea. I liked the gods and goddess’s and how influential they were in the story. It showed the ruthlessness of the time period and culture and I loved those aspects of it. It was relatively fast paced and kept my attention most of the time. The world building could have been a little stronger, I would have loved a little more from the setting but it was adequate.

This books main issue was characters. Tiya and Khenet were perfectly nice and didn’t annoy me at all but they lacked personality, there was not much to them and I wanted more character. They have these big parts to play and there was a lot of destiny around them which was interesting but they themselves were a little bland. The romance was sweet but moved a little quickly. There was some chemistry between Tiya and Khenet but I would have liked a little more.

Warrior of the Nile was an entertaining enough romance but it could have done with more polish and depth, it was a nice introduction to Egyptian romance and I will look for more in this sub-genre in the future.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review