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10 Shades of Seduction - Anne Calhoun, Tiffany Reisz, Alegra Verde, Portia Da Costa, Lisa Renee Jones, Saskia Walker, Alison Tyler For this review and more visit my blog

10 Shade of Seduction is an anthology of erotic books written by popular authors of the genre. Like most anthologies there were some strong stories and some not so strong stories but unfortunately for me there were more that I disliked than liked.

There were a few that were sweet and sexy whilst managing to be a good story. I really liked those ones and will read more from those authors.

There were some stories that were ok but didn’t quite make sense. There was no real purpose or point to them and I wondered why they were in the anthology.

And then there were some that I found horrible. There was a couple that really made me uncomfortable. I have no problem with BDSM or those types of relationships but both parties should know what they are getting into. I also hate it when the female (or male) in these relationships often feel humiliated by what they are doing. There were times where the male characters really hurt the female and were completely inconsiderate. I do not find that sexy. I like BDSM when it is about trust and exploration, about safety and care not when the male character has to constantly remind everyone that what he is doing is not rape, not when the woman is taken away and has no idea what she is getting into, not when the male does not practise safe sex when he has multiple partners.

10 Shades of Seduction had some good parts but it wasn’t enough for me.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review