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Rosalind’s brother has been missing for a while and she would do anything to save him even infiltrating the nighthawks, her enemy and working for their leader Jasper. But the more time she spends with him the more she realises that things are not what she thought they were.

My Lady Quicksilver was a real treat, from the cover, to the story line, to the characters, there was nothing I didn’t enjoy about this book. Was it perfect? No, there were some issues, but it was so entertaining and fun that I was able to look past them all.

There was so much I loved about this book. The writing was rich and the world building amazing. I got lost in this book and struggled to put it down. I think Bec McMaster has created a smart world, similar to other steampunk efforts but also completely different. I liked that humans were the subspecies to the Blue Bloods, that they had no rights and were fighting for freedom. I liked the Blue Bloods themselves, they were vampires yet not. They drank blood but vampires were something to be feared something the Blue Bloods were afraid of becoming. It was a clever and original take on the vampire which makes it stand out from all the other vampire books around.

Story wise there were a few problems, there were a couple of plot holes and a few things that didn’t quite make sense. There is a lot going on in this book and so there were a couple of issues but it was so full of great action sequences, engaging drama and lovable characters that I wasn’t bothered by the small issues, they did however stop me from giving this a 5 star rating.

I really loved the characters, Rosalind was just awesome. She could be really tough and fight as well as any man but she still had moments of vulnerability where she needed help. I liked how she was open to having her mind changed, how she loved her family and friends above everything else. She was prepared to die for those she loved and she had a bucket loads of courage. There was also a more feminine side to her, the side that wanted love and comfort. It was interesting seeing all these sides to her: the lover, the revolutionary, the assassin and the lady.

Jasper was just as great, like Rosa there was many layers to him. He was a leader, a protector and a gentleman. He fought for what he believed in whilst playing a dangerous political game he wanted no part in. I loved how it was he that falls the hardest in the romance, he wore his emotions on his sleeve and is clearly so desperately in love with Rosa.

The romance was suburb, I loved how the lust turned to love. They were great together. The first sex scene was blow your socks off hot but I was disappointed that it happened when Jasper still had no clue who Rosa really was. I would have liked it to have happened under different circumstances but it was still amazing.

My Lady Quicksilver is the first book I have read in the London Steampunk series but it will definitely not be the last. I really, really enjoyed this it was escapism at its finest and I cannot wait to read more.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review