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All Out of Love - Lori Wilde For this review and more visit my blog

Generally speaking I really enjoy contemporary romances like All Out of Love, they are sweet, easy to read and likable. They are not masterpieces or meant to be taken very seriously they are just enjoyable and fun. All Out of Love was no exception and I really enjoyed it.

Lace has been in love with Pierce ever since they were at high school together. He was the star football player and she the school loser. She hasn’t seen him since he class mates cruelly exposed her crush on him to the whole town and she is happy to keep it that way. But Pierce, now a star quarter back is coming home and staying away from Lace is the last thing on his mind.

I really liked All Out of Love it had a really sweet storyline and was packed full of nice writing. It wasn’t full of drama and flowed at a really nice pace. It was a little cheesy in parts but I expect that from books like this so it wasn’t a problem for me.

There was only one part of this book that really annoyed me, it wasn’t a big deal and for most readers it won’t really mater but it really grated on me. Lace is a botanist and when she is upset and needs to curse she uses botanical terms instead of swear words, for example ‘organic fertilizer’. I think this was supposed to be cute but for me it was just irritated especially because it happened so often.

The characters were good and I mostly liked them. Pierce was charming and sweet, he had not exactly been a good guy before coming home but he was aware of his faults and determined to change himself for the better. Lace was nice as well, she was a simple, normal woman living a simple, normal life. I understood her concerns regarding Pierce and could understand why she was skittish about their relationship.

I really liked the romance and thought Lace and Pierce fit together perfectly. There was some great dialogue between them and some amazing chemistry.

All Out of Love was a sweet romance that was perfect for a sunny afternoon.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review