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Day One - Nate Kenyon

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I received Day One for review without requesting it and had never seen nor heard of it before then. I had no real clue what it was, had never heard of the author so I went into reading it blind with no expectations.

The blurb said this book was a cross between The Terminator and Cloverfield and that description was pretty spot on. It took the artificial intelligence from Terminator and race for survival from Cloverfield and mashed them together to create a book that was smart, full of action and terribly exciting.

Day One was pretty explosive, it was fast paced and action packed. It hooked me in from the beginning until the very end. What I really liked about this was that it was so current. Its story line had a great deal to do with Anonymous and the Wall Street Occupation. It was a modern book for modern readers.

The writing was really impressive, Nate Kenyon did a great job describing a wrecked and ravished New York and a panicked population. The world building was superb and I also had no trouble following the tech heavy pages.

There is only on real main character in this and that is John. I found him quite interesting he was desperately trying to hold it together as everything fell apart around him. his journey to get to his wife and child was a perilous one and he was desperately trying to hold himself together.

Day One is an exciting and exhilarating read that really took me by surprise. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review