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Slow Summer Burn is the fourth and last book in Elisabeth Barrett’s Star Harbor series. It has not always been plain sailing between me and these books, I didn’t like the first one and didn’t finish the second but the third one took me by surprise and I quite liked it. I was really hoping that I would like Slow Summer Burn as well especially because it is about my favourite character and I am happy to say I did. Slow Summer Burn ends the series on a bang and was my favourite book out of the four.

It really toned back on the relationship drama that has been so prevalent in the previous books and was instead a very sweet romance. Another thing I loved was that there was no unneeded content or conversations which was another thing I had issues with in the previous books. Slow Summer Burn stuck to the point and was a lot better because of it.

Val and Cameron were easily my favourite characters of the whole series. I have always had a soft spot for Val since the very first book and he didn’t disappoint me in this. He has always been the rock for his brothers to lean on so I was super happy to see him get his happily ever after. Val is supportive, loving and loyal he is not a loud character bursting with personality and energy he is sensitive and quiet with a good heart.

Cameron was also great, she wasn’t loud either but she knew what she wanted from life and went after it even though it was hard. She was sweet and loving as well and was determined to do anything for Val.

I really loved the romance, Val and Cameron fit together seamlessly. There was so much chemistry between them and I thought they were really hot together.

Star Harbor has never been my favourite series but Slow Summer Burn was a real pleasure to read and I enjoyed every second of it.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review