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I have read a lot of books like All Bets are on and I ultimately have the same problem with all of them. I don’t like the whole bet storyline. It just ruins everything for me. There are pages and pages of sweet romance but I can never get into it because I can’t get rid of the fact that one person has made a wager about the other, that their feelings may not be true and that at one point they felt so little disregard for the other person that they made a wager in the first place.

That was my issue with this. Frankly, Harry is awful at the beginning of this book. He has no regard for woman and especially Alice. Setting up an office betting ring to see who can bed her first is the lowest of the low and it put me off of him and the story because I knew that if someone had done something like that to me I could never forgive them and I would struggle to get over it.

Other than that everything else was fine, the writing and pace were good but nothing amazing. I loved the London setting and enjoyed many aspects of the story but that dark cloud of betrayal hung over everything for me.

The characters were alright. Alice was likable but far to up tight, there were times where she got on my nerves a little bit but I did feel really sorry for her. Harry was fun and charming but his revelation about love and woman came a little too late for me. There was not enough time between that realisation and the end of the book for me to forgive him.

All Bets Are On is an enjoyable romance which I am sure other fans of the genre will enjoy but the whole ‘bet’ aspect really put me off.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review