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When I started this book I was sure I was going to dislike it. I just found it super annoying and wondered how I was going to get all the way through it, but somehow this book grew on me and in the end I really quite liked it.

There were so many things I admired about this book. The first and the biggest with the genre role reversal. So many books feature an innocent woman and a reformed playboy, but this time it was the other way round. In this book Avery is a bit of a player she likes sex without commitment and is not looking for anything serious. Bennett is the opposite, he is a virgin and determined to wait until he has found love before losing his V card. It was really great to see this role reversal and to see it done so well. Avery could have come across badly but instead she was strong (maybe to strong) and empowered. It would have been nice if Avery was empowered because that was who she was but instead it was because of her past.

I am not going to lie Avery was not always easy to like, at first I couldn’t stand her. She thinks she is so amazing that men drop to her feet in order to have her and when Bennett isn’t instantly drooling over her she is positively shocked. I thought she was arrogant and selfish and I couldn’t really understand why Bennett was so hot for her after that first meeting. I also hated her best friends, one of them in particular was awful. They call each other ‘bitch’, ‘whore’ and ‘slut’ all the time. I just don’t like that. The ‘bad’ friend was so awful I couldn’t understand why anyone would be friends with her. She didn’t care about peoples feeling including her friends.

Then Bennett come along and everything changed. Bennett is a great character, full of personality and charm. I loved his innocence and I loved that it didn’t define him. I admired him for his stance and that he didn’t break down under Avery’s (mostly unintended) pressure. He was honest & open and really, really hot. What I loved more about Bennett was the effect he had on Avery, how he helped turn her from a person I didn’t like into someone I did. He was so patient with her and taught her that intimacy and relationships shouldn’t come at a price.

The romance was great and there was a ton of chemistry and sexual tension between them. It could have been a little more emotional and passionate but for the most part it was just right.

All of You wasn’t perfect and it did annoy me in parts but I did enjoy it and I found it to be a very sweet New Adult book.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review