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This review may contain a few spoilers.

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So far I have quite enjoyed the Helen Kay Dimon books I have read and so was expecting quite a lot from Just What he Wanted, it delivered a sweet romance but I did have a few more problems with it than I thought I would.

My first problem was a strange one. I really like romance books and I read a lot of them but most of them have a little more to offer. Just What he Wanted is just a romance between two people, nothing more and nothing less and that was a bit of an issue for me. I wanted a little more depth, a little more interest but all I got was cute romance.

The writing and world building was strong and I had no issue following the storyline or envisioning what was happening. The dialogue was a little bit all over the place and didn’t seem to flow at all. None of the characters seemed capable of keeping to the point and all the conversations, especially between Travis and Andie were disjointed and random. One second they were talking about one thing the next it was something else. I couldn’t keep up and I found it really distracting.

The characters were ok. Andie had a little too many body hang ups for me and I kind of wanted to tell her to snap out of it. Her issues about personal safety also bothered me, she takes a job in a cabin/motel in the middle of no-where and then is suspicious of everyone who comes along. If she was that worried that she needed several guns, and was willing to pull them out and threaten people, she should have gotten a different job.

Travis was sweet but his constant pushing of Andie was annoying. At one point he brings up her body image issues in the middle of a party and brings it up so loudly that every single person hears him. If I was Andie I would have been mortified. He also is a bit of a hypocrite, he pushes Andie all the time but when she pushes him he gets angry and walks away.

The romance and story was sweet but I would have liked just a little more structure and storyline.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review