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A Fine Romance (Aisle Bound, #2) - Christi Barth

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I really wanted to like A Fine Romance it sounded like my kind of book but in the end this one just wasn’t for me.

My main problem with this book was the drama it felt contrived and forced. I have no problem with relationship angst if it is believable but this just went a little too far, it seemed as though every time the characters got over one hurdle another one popped up and I found it a little silly. However, the writing itself was great; Christi Barth has a nice tone to her writing which I enjoyed.

The characters were alright, I thought Mira was a little self-centred and sulky and I really struggled to relate to her. Sam was better but he made mountains out of molehills, half of his issues he bought on himself and he was too much of a mummy’s boy. He dropped everything to do things for her sometimes without telling the person he is supposed to help/pick-up/met and then barely apologises for it, which drove me mad.

The romance started really well. There was some definite chemistry between Mira and Sam and I really liked their bickering and the first few chapters really worked for me. But as the relationship developed and the drama built I lost interest.

A Fine Romance was okay but I had issues with the drama and the characters.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review