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REVIEW: All or Nothing by Dixie Lee Brown

All or Nothing: A Trust No One Novel - Dixie Lee Brown

Generally speaking this book is alright, it is about what you would expect from a book of this genre.  It is far-fetched but engaging, it has a male character who is tough but can be soft and a damsel in distress.  People do not read these books for the high end literature and serious story lines and All or Nothing is no acceptation, it does exactly what is says on the tin and would be fine except for one serious problem, Cara. 


I struggle to think of another female character that made me as angry as Cara did.  I honestly just couldn’t stand her.  She has been through a lot, I understand that but she is full of self-pity and selfishness.  She constantly makes mistakes and never learns from them, and most annoyingly she changes her mind every 5 minutes.   I honestly do not know what Joe saw in her and in my opinion he was better off without her.  The whole middle of the novel is her working on her ‘trust’ issues; she doesn’t trust Joe whom she knows works for the government.  Yet she blindly trusts a man who grabbed her in a public place and tries to drag her away.  When this man gets her phone number and knows exactly where she is she doesn’t blink an eye, or think it is strange.  Instead, she trusts him over Joe.  Her trust issues come from the abuse of a man yet she finds it in herself to trust a total stranger over someone she knows.  There are a million other things she did but I won’t go into them because I’ll just get all ragey.


All or Nothing could have been good but it was ruined by a main character that I couldn’t stand.